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Affiliate Marketing Growth Strategies

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Affiliate marketing growth strategiesSome call it scaling up others call it growth, whatever you call it it is just growing your business. I hate to use clich├ęs but here is what you’re going to hear a lot of times, “wash, rinse, repeat” while it sounds simple many people don’t really get the meaning.

When you hear that phrase, whether in a forum or an e-book you purchased, what they really telling you to do is, keep doing what you’re doing if it’s working. So if you’re interested in growing your affiliate business let’s look at a few ways that we can apply the wash, rinse, repeat philosophy.

One of the first and fastest things you can do is enter into more niches, or a sub niche of what your already working in. Let’s say you’re working in the Paleo Diet niche and the different strategies that you are using seem to be working and you’re turning a decent profit. Then why not apply the strategies to a niche like Forex or Dating or Woodworking. You get the idea.

In the past if you wanted to test a new niche it was easy to use a free third-party site like squidoo. But, with recent changes in Google sites like that no longer seem to work. Although, sites like blogger.com might be a viable alternative. If you choose your hosting correctly you can host multiple domains on one hosting account. You can put up a site and see if it works if it doesn’t just delete it.

Another way to expand your business is to add more products. Sticking with the Paleo Diet example, you could expanded to different types of diets. Heart healthy diet, people with diabetes diet, the list goes on just look at clickbank for ideas.

You could also build an authority website, or a single site that links all your smaller niche sites together. Going with the authority site model, you could have multiple categories with different types of diets. Diets for weight loss, diets for muscle gain, diets for heart health or diabetes. Again, you could also build smaller niche sites for each one of these individual diets, then create a main site that has links to all the smaller sites. Call it a gateway site if you will.

Don’t restrict yourself to a single affiliate network such as click bank or Amazon. There are many more networks out there commission Junction, Share-A-Sale, or JVzoo, just to name a few.

While most obvious ways to grow your business is one that is sometimes overlooked what is probably the most important. And that is finding new traffic sources, and expanding on the traffic sources you are already using. Suppose you are using forum marketing as a strategy and you are seeing good results. Well, why not spend some time seeking out more forums to join and participate in.

I personally hate this phrase “the money is in the list” but it is so true. Don’t forget to build your e-mail list, e-mail marketing is probably one of the most profitable strategies for growing your business. But do it right.

Finally, if you really want to take the bull by the horns and being at affiliate marketing rockstar. Create your own product. But, do not create your own product until you really know what you are doing. Done right and you’ll make a ton of money done wrong and you’re relegated to the field of broken dreams.

This article just touches on the basics, in the future I will have more detailed articles on the different growth strategies mentioned here

So, go slow build a solid foundation and a solid business.

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