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What is the Difference Between Amazon and Ebay

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amazon_ebayThere is a huge difference.  And the difference is, they are different.  What? That is right, the difference is they are different.  The reason I am writing this, is people do not seem to realize this.

There are a large number of ebay sellers making a migration over to amazon to claim their riches.  The problem is, they try and do the same things on amazon that they do on ebay.

for the past couple of months I have been reading the amazon seller forums.  On these forums there is post after post, day after day of people wanting help because they were suspended from amazon.  If you get suspended from amazon and do not write a convincing appeal then you will be done.  For Good.  Amazon does not fool around.

I have read on several different threads of people who do not read the rules of selling on amazon, then wonder why they got suspended.  Here is an example.  Let’s say you have a Monopoly board game that you want to sell, it is used and is missing some of the money.  You can sell it on ebay and state that it is missing some of the money and people will still buy it.  On amazon, when listing a used item, there is a section during the listing process that allows you to add condition notes.  Former ebay sellers routinely use this section to note that there is missing parts or broken parts.  Sounds good, right?  Wrong, on Amazon all products must be complete and no broken parts.

Amazon customers read the main listing and expect a complete, unbroken product. They will read condition notes as for the condition of the product not to see if it is complete or broken.

That is just one thing that many ebay sellers make the mistake of doing.  Other examples include, not shipping item in timely fashion, shipping a different item even though it might be an upgrade. etc. etc.

So if you want to sell products on Amazon, please make sure you read all the rules, then read them again, and when you are done reading them the second time, read them a third.

Selling on Amazon can be an extremely profitable business, but like I said earlier in this post,  if you get suspended chances are you are done for good.

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