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Shortcuts to Niche Research

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Niche ResearchThe question that keeps popping up on all the forums and a lot of blog posts is a simple one how do you make money with affiliate marketing? There are probably as many ways to make money with affiliate marketing as there are affiliate products. What I like to talk about are some methods to simplify your research.

One of the simplest ways to research a product you wish to promote is the Clickbank marketplace. All you have to do is pick a category or subcategory and the results that show are going to be the top selling products. You could go to page 2 page 3 of the results but just remember the results are in order of popularity at the time. So you should really stay focused on that first page.

A lot of people tend to get put off by the popular products, thinking the market is saturated. But it’s really about finding your potential customers. If you pick a category that you’re very familiar with and you know the potential traffic source that others might not, then you could have a leg up.

Another simple way to research in niche is to go to forums. Using forms is taught by many people use as an answer in many form questions, but it’s done for good reason. People that go to forums go because they want information or they want to share information that they have.

Let’s use Ted’s woodworking as an example. Ted’s woodworking is one of the most popular products on click bank. Is promoted by hundreds if not thousands of affiliates. But if you do a search on Google for woodworking forums you’ll find hundreds of them. All with questions being asked and answered. Do you think you could scrounge up a couple of blog posts or e-mails for your autoresponder just from reading those forums? I think he can.

One of my favorite ways to research a niche is at the supermarket. I just head over to the magazine section and all I have to do is read the headlines on the cover. If something catches my attention I buy the magazine for five bucks taken home but I have plenty of blog posts.

There are so many methods to research the niche, and there’s not enough room in this blog post to list them all. There are methods out there that I haven’t heard of yet all learned yet. I&

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